Other than the banking services, we provide the following Value Added Services.

Rupay Card Features

RuPay, a new card payment scheme launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), has been conceived to fulfill RBI’s vision to offer a domestic, open-loop, multilateral system which will allow all Indian banks and financial institutions in India to participate in electronic payments.
Features and Benefits of RuPay Card :

  1. CHIP Based Card
  2. Daily ATM Limit Rs.20,000/- (At 2.00 Lac+ ATMs under NFS Network.
  3. Daily POS Limit Rs.20,000/- (At RuPay enabled POS and Internet Sites).
  4. SMS Alerts for transactions Please ensure registering of your mobile number with VJSB for Debit / Credit SMS facility and online transactions through OTP.
  5. Card valid for transactions in INDIA only.

Safety Tips

Tips To Remember When You Receive The Card

  • Always keep your card in a safe place, just as you would take care of cash and cheque books.
  • Never write down your PIN (personal identification number) anywhere. Memorize it.
  • If you receive a replacement card, be sure to destroy your old card by cutting it into four and discard the pieces.

How to launch Transaction Complaints

Failed transactions

Incomplete financial transactions

  • For incomplete financial transactions (either on Point of Sale Machines / Online transactions), Bank will reverse the funds into Customers account after 21 (working) days.
  • If not reversed, Customer has to submit a complaint letter to branch. Then Bank will raise complaint (chargeback) to the merchant’s bank and reversal or receipt of chargeback slip at Bank’s end may take upto 180 days.
  • The procedure is as per RBI/NPCI rules.

ATM Related Services Charges

Transaction Limits & Charges

  1. All transactions from Abhinav Banks ATM – Free
  2. Free transactions limit (both financial & non-financial) – 3 (For Metro) & 5 (For Non-Metro)
  3. Above free transactions limit for financial – Rs.23.60 per transaction
  4. Above free transactions limit for non-financial – Rs.11.80 per transaction

Debit Card & Pin Charges

  1. Issue of New ATM Card – Nil
  2. Issue of Duplicate ATM Card – Rs.118/-
  3. Issue of Revised PIN. No. – Rs.118/-
  4. Annual Fees / Charges – Rs.118/- per annum

RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) and NEFT (National Electronics Funds Transfer) are electronic payment platforms of Reserve Bank of India which provide online transaction between two banks. No need to issue cheques or wait for clearing. RTGS / NEFT provide paperless money transfer from one account to another in a matter of minutes / hours.

Minimum Amount Transaction limit : For NEFT – none and For RTGS – Rs. 2 lacs

Maximum Amount Transaction limit : For NEFT & RTGS – none

The remitting customer has to furnish the following information to a bank for effecting a RTGS / NEFT remittance:

  1. Amount to be remitted
  2. Account number which is to be debited
  3. Name of the beneficiary bank
  4. Name of the beneficiary customer
  5. Account number of the beneficiary customer
  6. Sender to receiver information, if any
  7. The IFSC code of the receiving branch

Additionally, Loan Accountholder could also transfer installment from any other Bank to his/her Loan Account through RTGS/NEFT using 15-Digit Account Number. The amount would be directly credited to Loan Account.

For knowing 15-Digit Account Number, please contact your branch. For IFSC click here

No matter whatever tax payment you wish to make, our branches will be happy to help you with the same. Visit our branch to pay all your direct & indirect taxes.

For our branch location, click here

Service Charges

  • E-Payment of Taxes – Rs. 118/- Per Challan

Bank offer locker facility for the customers to safeguard their valuable belongings by paying minimum service charges.


  1. Access to the Safe Deposit Vault containing the safe Deposit Locker may be had on all Bank working days during the hours specified in a notice exhibited at Vault
  2. Access shall be held to the safe deposit vault by the Lessee and in case of Joint Lessees by all of them together or by such one or more of them as they may indicate by special instructions to be given in writing by all of them from time to time and which instructions any one of them can cancel, in which case access will only be allowed to all of them together. Access can also be allowed to duly appointed Agent of a Lessee or of Joint Lessees provided that the authority in favour of such Agent is duly recorded in the books of the Bank. In case of Joint Lessees, such authority can be revoked by any one of them at any time. In case of death of sole Lessees only his or her legal representatives will be recognized.
  3. The Lockers will be given on rent for a period of twelve months of such rental as may be fixed by the Bank from time to time. All the rentals are payable strictly in advance.

Service Charges

  • Locker A – Rs.1,180/- p.a.
  • Locker B – Rs.1,770/- p.a.
  • Locker C – Rs.2,360/- p.a.
  • Locker D – Rs.2,950/- p.a.
  • Extra Large Type – Rs.5,310/- p.a.

(Locker rent for new allottee shall be applicable for available number of months upto year end on pro-rata basis )

Bank has provided its customers with the Mobile Banking App “Abhinav Mobile” that enables users to bank even on the move. Whether it be checking balance, credit, debit or money transfer, Abhinav Mobile provides the ease with user friendly interface and is even easy to install.

App Features

  1. Fund transfer within your own account, Intra bank or Interbank via IMPS, NEFT mode.
  2. Option to invest in fixed deposit instrument
  3. Check balances of your savings, current, loan accounts
  4. Option to pay your utility bill through Bharat Bill Pay
  5. Our services like Chequebook request etc

Registration Process

  1. Eligible customers of the bank wish to avail the Mobile Banking facility should submit an application in the prescribed form duty filled, at the home branch of the bank.
  2. Customers of the bank shall be enjoy the facility within 7 working days only after his/ her the application has been submitted at the home branch of the bank.
  3. The customer undertakes that he / she shall, provide accurate information where required and shall responsible for the correctness of information provide by him to bank at all times for the purpose of availing of the facility. Bank shall not be liable for consequences arising out of incorrect information (Mobile number(s)) supplied the customer.
  4. The bank shall have the right to reject the application of any person without assigning any reason.