Personal loan is the obvious choice if you need a finance for meeting personal/ceremonial/medical expenses of self /dependent as well as Business needs.

Loan - Eligibility & Interest

Eligibility : Individual, Firm (Proprietary / Partnership, Pvt. / Public Ltd. Company).

Interest :

  1. 1% Extra above deposit rate (As per Deposit Receipt )
  2. Loan Against 3rd party deposit   : 3% Extra above deposit rate (As per Deposit Receipt )

Loan - Amount & Tenure

Loan Period

  1. Term Loan: Maximum 60 months or residual period of maturity whichever is shorter.
  2. Overdraft : 12 months, subject to Annual review. (subject to maturity date of securities)

Maximum Amount

  1. Minimum:  Rs.10,000/-
  2. Maximum: Up to Banks exposure limit & margin

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Loan - Other Information


20 % of Fixed Deposit


Lien on Fixed Deposit

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